Paperless Requisition Form Instructions

Step 1. Open the intranet website from your Chrome web browser. 
The intranet website can be found here:

Step 2. Click the “Paperless Requisition Form” hyperlink.  The form will be displayed.

Step 3. Verify that you are logged into the Chrome web browser with your school email account.  If not, click the “Switch account” hyperlink to log in.  Requisitions can only be submitted from a school email account.

Step 4. Enter your full name as the requestor.

Step 5. Enter the full name of the vendor for the item(s) you are requesting.  Keep in mind that requisitions may only be made from a single vendor per form.  You may submit multiple requisitions as needed if your request requires multiple vendors.


Step 6. Click the “Add file” button only if your request requires additional documentation.

            Step 7. Enter a full and complete description of the item you are requesting.  When possible, always paste a hyperlink for the requested product to the vendors website into the description field.

            Step 8. Enter the quantity requested for the product.  Only numbers are allowed in the quantity field.


To create a hyperlink, browse to the product webpage.  Highlight the page URL at the top of browser.  Press Ctrl-C to copy the URL link.  Click the location on the requisition form where you want the link pasted.  Press Ctrl-P to paste the link.

            Step 9. Scroll down the requisition form and enter additional item descriptions and quantities as needed.  There is a limit of five items per requisition form.  You may submit multiple requisitions as needed.

            Step 10. After all item descriptions and quantities are entered, please carefully review your entries for accuracy and completeness.  When complete, scroll to the bottom of the requisition form and click the “Submit” button. 

You will receive an email confirming submission of your request.  Additional emails will follow to inform you whether your request was approved or rejected, and when the funding process is complete.  When making your requests, please keep in mind that requisition forms are submitted directly to the Chief Business Official.

Please email any questions to