Kingsburg High School

Daily Bulletin

Monday, November 30, 2020

EVEN Schedule




Daily Reminders

·         Students:  Now is the time to complete the COVID questionnaire.  This must be completed at the very start of your first class each day.  Thank you.  (Phelan)


Meetings this week

·        The Computer Club will be meeting on Tuesday, 12/1 in Room 90.  AM Students meet at 10:50 AM.  PM Students meet at 11:30 AM.  (Woods)



·         KHS Students:  Due to COVID and class size restrictions, semester 2 schedule changes will be limited.  If you are an upperclassman who needs to repeat a required class for graduation or to satisfy an A-G requirement, please sign up to see your counselor ASAP.  Thank you.  (Apgar)


Monday 11/30

Happy Birthday to Alexis J., Brady J., Ashley P. and Hector R.


Wednesday 12/2

Happy Birthday to Lauren D., Zachary H., Cade P., Jace P., and Erica U.


Thursday 12/3

Happy Birthday to Maryanne M.


Friday 12/4

Happy Birthday to Kayley L.V., Martin R., Luis S., and Adam T.


This Weekend…lots to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday to Cameron D., Naylei P., Evelyn M.C., Christian M., and America R.

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