Kingsburg High School

Daily Bulletin

Friday, March 5, 2021

ODD Periods


Daily Reminders

·         Students:  If you complete the COVID questionnaire right now, you may or may not win the lottery.  Why chance it?  Fill yours out now. 




·         Seniors...if you live in Tulare County then listen up... there is a local scholarship for the Tulare County League of Mexican American Women which is open to all students living in Tulare County.  There are more eligibility details so go to your Class of 2021 Google Classroom page for the flyer with the details.  The deadline to apply is April 30. 


·         Buy your St. Patty’s trinkets from the Multicultural Club today...they are only $1 along with a personal message of your choice.  Send these lucky charms to your friends or even to your favorite teachers and share some St. Patrick’s Day love!  Just ask a club member or stop by Room 31 to purchase yours.  (Contreras)


·         Hey Seniors!  We’ve been having so much fun celebrating your success in the CCC!  Please don’t forget to share your College Admissions Letters with Mrs. Peterson so she can display them on the CCC wall.  (Peterson)


Birthday Celebrations


Friday 3/5

Happy Birthday to Cynthia G., Jade K., and Bailee S.


Lots to Celebrate this Weekend!

Happy Birthday to Sydney P., Meloddy M.C., and Lauren W.


Social Work / Anxiety/Depression/Suicide ResourcesSuicide Prevention | Tooele County Health Department










Monday 3/8

Happy Birthday to Alejandra E.


Tuesday 3/9

Happy Birthday to Derrick C., Chelsea F., Janely G., and Alek V.


Wednesday 3/10

Happy Birthday to Brandon A., Ebily R., Jade R., and Hailey R.


Thursday 3/11

Happy Birthday to Hannah J., and Bryan P.G.


Friday 3/12

Happy Birthday to Brennan D., Matthew S., and Faith S.


Lots to Celebrate this Weekend!

Happy Birthday to Andrew R., Chelsea R.S., Zander D., Kaylie G., Kristen P., Josearturo R., and Mason W.